#1 What should I budget for when buying a house?  

In this video, Tim breaks down all the expenses you should take into consideration when you're thinking of budgeting for a house.

#2 How much do you need for a down payment to buy a house? 

In this video Mark explains how much you need to save for a down payment.

 #3 Getting a Preapproval to Buy a Home!

Once your budget is set and your down payment saved, proceed to your bank or mortgage broker for a preapproval. Tim explains why this next step is so important. 

 #4 Can You Use More Than One Realtor?

Mark explains that once you're preapproved, it's beneficial to find a realtor you trust for the best representation and support. Schedule a meeting with them to discuss your criteria before visiting homes. 

#5 It's Time to Start Looking at Homes for Sale!

In this video, Tim breaks down some important steps for preparing to look at homes. This will save time for both you and your realtor. 

 #6 How Do I Decide What House I Should Buy?


Buyers prioritize three key factors when making a decision. However, they can only choose two out of three. Mark explains what the factor are and how to decide.  

#7 I Want to Make an Offer on a House! Now What?

Before making an offer, ensure your agent verifies the properties' worth. Tim walks us through the right steps to follow to ensure a smooth process without any issues. 

#8 What Do I Need to Know About Writing an Offer for a Home?

Mark explains important factors such as purchase prices, deposit and down payment when it comes to writing an offer.

#9 What Closing Date Should I Pick?

Tim breaks down how to choose a closing date and why it's crucial for a successful closing. 

#10 Do I Need to Do a Home Inspection?

Mark explains why conducting thorough due diligence is key for an informed decision.

#11 What is a Financing Condition For?

Tim explains why it is advisable to include a financing condition to ensure you can afford the property. 

#12 What Happens Before the Closing Date Takes Place?

In this video, Mark walks us through what to do during the 30-90 day. 

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